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Roxann Shipman – Quest Academy

My son, Tucker, her 4th grade student was just diagnosed with a relapse of his previous cancer, Leukemia, on January 29th. We were admitted to Primary Children’s Hospital for 12 days. Mrs. Shipman came up to the hospital multiple times to be with Tucker (after school & on weekends), to go over home work, to read to him, to hold his hand- anything and everything she could do for her student she did and is continuing to do. She has requested to continue to be his teacher even though Tucker cannot attend school. She brought up a web cam and microphone and set him up with Skype (and her classroom also) so Tucker can “attend class” at home. She is also coming over after school & weekends, on her own time to tutor/teach my son. She is going above and beyond her duties as a teacher to teach my son. And more than that, she is educating her class about Tucker and making this Skype sessions a “normal” part of class because all her students were close with Tucker. So not only is she helping my son, she is helping all the kids in the class deal with this problem in a positive educational light.

She is amazing and deserves this award.

Thank you.

-Amber Dickamore