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Kathy Waddell – Bluffdale Elementary School

I would like to recommend Kathy Waddell as a teacher to be featured.

Ms. Kathy Waddell is in her final year of teaching at Bluffdale Elementary, thus completing a 36-year career. She has dedicated her life to education and found great joy in the kids that she has taught. After all of these many years of teaching, Miss Waddell never tires of trying new things and is a lifetime learner herself. She has a deep intuition of what kids need and doesn’t move off a subject until she feels they understand the concept, even if it requires one-on-one tutoring.

Last year she got cancer –after that was treated she shattered her heel a month later, yet despite all of this she came back and continued teaching her class using a scooter. The smile on her face never faded. Kathy cares about forming a relationship with each child and the love she extends bonds the students to her. She rarely has any discipline problems.

My daughter was in her 2nd grade class and even though she is now in high school she still considers Miss Waddell her favorite teacher. Miss Waddell never minds when students call her “Teacher,” for she feels that is the highest honor. Thank you Kathy Waddell -you’ve made a difference in the lives of over 900 kids!! We will miss you.

-Kathryn Ballard