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Laura Laycock – Freedom Elementary School

Can you imagine a second grade teacher so wonderful that none of the kids in her class want to miss a day of school? Mrs. Laura Laycock of Freedom Elementary is that kind of teacher! She is fair, loving and an excellent motivator. She challenges her students by being able to teach to a variety of learning levels. She has created opportunities for hard working kids to have a “challenge spelling list” where they learn to spell words like metamorphosis and pterodactyl. My son is excited to learn new and difficult spelling words.

She is a rare teacher in that she thoroughly enjoys sharing knowledge. My son learned the rock and water cycles through clever songs that she taught. At Christmas time, she gave each student 3 books for them to read over the break with a thoughtful bookmark reminding them that books open the doors to all possibilities. Before second grade my son did not enjoy reading. Thanks to Mrs. Laycock, he’s been introduced to all kinds of wonderful books from Matilda to The Chronicles of Narnia. She tries to spark each student’s interest and let them take off in learning.

Every Wednesday, Mrs. Laycock eats the pizza lunch with her students in the cafeteria. She chooses two boys and two girls to sit by, but no one is surprised when most of the class joins her at the table to share funny stories and to laugh. She takes a sincere interest in her students and wants to get to know them in a casual setting. My son loves Wednesday lunch because he can hear about Mrs. Laycock’s dog, Daisy, and other fun stories.

Anyone can tell Mrs. Laycock loves teaching by the sparkle in her eyes and spring in her step. She wants each child to succeed and she works closely with the parents so they can be a team in helping to educate the children. I cannot say enough good things about her and hope that KSL and Zions Bank will recognize this outstanding teacher!

-Andrea Wright