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Craig Smith – Lone Peak High School

It was not until my final year of high school that I had the privilege of being taught by a truly amazing teacher: Mr. Smith. Before I took his math class, just the thought of taking AP Calculus made me quail. Now, after taking his class, I am interested in majoring in engineering. Looking back, I am convinced that Mr. Smith is the best math teacher in Utah.

Mr. Smith is not only committed to helping every student pass the AP test, but he is committed to helping each student understanding the material thoroughly. Grades and scores don’t matter to him; he allows students to retake tests multiple times until they fully understand the material. He never turns students away who are willing to work hard, even if he has to stay until nine o’ clock at night.

In the weeks leading up to the AP test, Mr. Smith came in at six thirty every morning, and stayed until at least five every day. He promised that he would work as hard as we would, and he kept that promise, even when five-hour study sessions started to get a little rowdy.

Mr. Smith deserves this reward more than any other teacher I’ve ever had. I feel privileged to have taken his AP Calculus class. In all sincerity, he has had more positive influence on my view of learning and education more than anyone I’ve ever known.

-Rachel Free