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Ali Dances – Montessori Learning Center

Have you ever heard of the poem “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost? How about “A Psalm of Life”, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, or “If You Were Busy Being Kind”, by R. Foreman? At the Montessori Learning Center in Lindon all children Kindergarten age and up learn these and other inspirational poems. Who is helping to instill moral character and civility in young minds? Who kindles the flame of reading in our children? Ali Dances!

Ali is an educator with a passion for learning. She is constantly reading and looking inward to improve. She has been teaching for 30 years. Teaching is gift she gives her students and their families. She works meticulously to bring out the best in each child and helps them blossom, not just educationally but as individuals. As a mother wanting the best for her children, I feel confident leaving my three boys in the loving and nurturing atmosphere of Ali’s school. Our boys could write cursive in Kindergarten and recall over 60 prepositions if asked. Our third grader couldn’t recall all the books he has read but among his favorites are the Harry Potter series and The Hobbit. You know something amazing is happening when you find your child reading at 10:30pm and have to tell them to turn off their light! This love of reading and learning is exemplified by Ali and is clearly passed on to her students.

As a parent you feel you have struck gold when your child is able to be under Ali’s tutelage. Families come from all over Utah County to attend her school. Ali also takes in children with Autism and disabilities, helping them to feel comfortable and reach educational goals and milestones. She is truly someone who goes above and beyond to grow and nurture our children. As Henry Adams said “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”. Please honor this outstanding educator! Thank you.

–Anne Vanderhoven