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Breanne Stump – Fox Hollow Elementary School

In June of 2011, our 7 year old daughter, Lanee, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was just about to complete first grade at Oakcrest Elementary School as part of Mrs. Breanne Stump’s class, when she could no longer attend school due to her treatments. We had already felt Mrs. Stump was a wonderful teacher, but we were soon to find out just how amazing she truly was. Not only did Mrs. Stump work tirelessly with us and the school to ensure Lanee graduated to second grade, she devoted much of her private time teaching Lanee at our home. Lanee’s class even made “get well” cards and brought over the BIGGEST teddy bear for her (which Lanee sleeps with every night). Mrs. Stump also helped organize a fundraiser to help with our family medical bills. Because of Mrs. Stump, Lanee still felt like she was part of the class and was able to keep the friendships that meant so much to her.

Over the summer, Mrs. Stump visited Lanee and brought her books and games to play. She even coordinated a visit with one of Lanee’s closest friends at school. And, seeing that Lanee had shaved her head because of the effects of chemotherapy, Mrs. Stump made her many cool headscarves to cheer her up.

With the opening this year of the new Fox Hills Elementary School a few miles away, Mrs. Stump relocated and is now teaching second grade, where gratefully, my daughter is still very much a part of her class. Though Lanee is still unable to attend school, Mrs. Stump makes her feel like she is right there with them. Using Skype daily, Mrs. Stump brings to Lanee more than just a classroom and learning, she brings the interaction and social contact that allows Lanee to feel normal. Lanee has even been able to briefly attend school for a few hours this year because of Mrs. Stump, and has been welcomed with open arms and much love by her classmates. All this, and Mrs. Stump’s continued visits to our home, has allowed our daughter to thrive during a very difficult and trying time.

We are truly blessed to have Mrs. Stump in our lives and though I know we can never repay her for what she has done, I do believe she should be recognized by KSL as a truly dedicated and passionate teacher.

— Erik Nawrocki