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Jenniffer Elmer – Silver Crest Elementary School

Miss Elmer is a 3rd grade teacher in Silver Crest Elementary. She was the teacher for both of my girls in different school years. She is creative and challenging to her students by giving them different activities and awards to work for. Also she is very organized. You know what to expect at the beginning of the year. She prepares a planner for each student that contains all the book reports, special awards, rules of the class, a calendar with important dates, etc. Also she had a weekly newsletter to keep me informed of what was going on in the classroom, with reminders for school trips, or school events. She had so many extra activities to keep the students busy and motivated to keep doing their best and make them feel especial like having a ‘barnyard buddy of the week’. A talent program, a play, and also at the end of the school year an award ceremony where each student got an award for something that make that student unique. She had a slide show with pictures she collected during the year. She is not only a great teacher, she goes beyond the curriculum and made 4th grade a very especial time for my girls. Thank you Miss Elmer.

–Janint Young