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Mary Christensen – Cedar High School

Mrs. Mary Christensen is one of the most beloved educators in all of Cedar High history. Through her years teaching and volunteering there, she has touched the lives of thousands of students, all who feel a personal attachment to her. I would know because Mrs. Christensen has not only been one of the most influential people in my education, but in my life. She is the reason that I am choosing to attend college to get my teaching degree in Family Consumer Science Education, so I can be just like her someday.

Mrs. Christensen teaches a subject that is slowing becoming a dying art in the public school system. Yet she teaches it with such a passion (just get her talking about pie dough!) that you can’t help but fall in love with her and the Family Consumer Science subject. In a world where tangible skills such as cooking and sewing are being lost in the push for higher math and science scores, Mrs. Christensen knows that these abilities will help her students become successful adults and prepare them to live on their own. Reaching beyond teaching the logistics of how to cook and sew, she teaches them the deepest, most important value our society can hold, which is the importance of family. Her lessons instill a solid foundation of skill, and an understanding of responsibility that will help students take care of their future families. Mrs. Christensen believes in the family and is one of its biggest protectors.

As if her teaching responsibilities weren’t enough, Mrs. Christensen promotes high achievement in others academic areas as well, as she volunteers her time advising the CHS Sterling Scholar competitors and Cedar High’s Honor Society. She spends countless hours planning activities for her club, coaching her Pro Start cooking competition team, and proof-reading Sterling Scholar portfolios. Through her hard work, her enjoyment for her profession is evident on her face whenever she sees her students succeed. Mrs. Christensen has spread her love across the entire high school, and now by nominating her, I would just like to give to her a small taste of that love which she has shown for her students. Please consider this one of a kind woman, making a major difference in a relatively small subject area, for this award because I can honestly say that I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more.

–Lynae Lewis