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Candis Facer – Valley Elementary School

Mrs. Candy Facer is retiring after teaching at Valley Elementary for 40 plus years. She has touched the lives of three generations with her patient demeanor and creative teaching style.

Two of my children have been blessed to be in her classroom. My son was in her class 7 years ago and she had a lasting effect on him. She saw his special interest in Geography and then sought out and organized his entrance into a Geography Bee despite his young age. She also encouraged him to create books and reports on the topics he was interested in. She provided him time and convinced him to perform his gymnastics. As young boys often do, my son loved to “embellish” his stories and claim them to be true. Some teachers would’ve called him a liar and disregarded his stories, but I remember clearly what Mrs. Facer said to him when she caught him in a lie – she said “You are a pretty awesome kid with many talents, you don’t need to be any more than what you already are and I am impressed.” That little line of support helped him stop his embellishments.

My youngest daughter also had Mrs. Facer. She saw that she loved to write and gave her many opportunities to create books. Also, all of my children loved the infamous 2nd Grade Puppet Shows. I have a funny story about when my daughter was in her 2nd grade class. We had adopted a lost dog that had been found in the area. Jessica begged for me to bring her to school for show and tell where we were surprised to learn that the dog actually belonged to another teacher and her family. We adults were thrilled to have found the rightful owners, but my 2nd grader was distraught that her new cute puppy belonged to someone else. Mrs. Facer helped set up an opportunity for Jessica to show and tell the dog and then made a big deal out of how kind it was of Jessica to have found and returned the dog. She then arranged for a surprise reunion with the young boy who had lost the dog and the dog in front of Jessica. She really understood how important it was for Jessica to see the reunion. She did this while doing her normal job of running a classroom and engaging all of the kids.

Another impressive trait and memorable part of Mrs. Facer was her joy of running. She was in all of the local races that our dad was in and our kids cheered for her as much as their dad. She ran the Paris marathon the year that she was Jake’s teacher and she shared her preparation and planning with the kids. It was exciting! She always encouraged the kids to get out and move any way that they loved.

Mrs. Facer is beloved by many and I will always remember her singing joyously with her class, and leading the class in creative lessons which she often individualized for the kids! She certainly deserves to be the Teacher Feature on KSL!

–Melissa Lewis

Mrs. Facer is the best of the best. She has been teaching at Valley Elementary for 40 years. She has affected hundreds of lives for more than two generations. She is leaving our school at the end of this year after a successful career.

Some of the things Mrs. Facer is “famous” for are her marvelous renditions of “Grandma’s Feather Bed” and “Willy Claus”, hundreds and hundreds of puppets, and her commitment and dedication to the children. She quietly goes about her day changing lives and acts like it is no big deal! Mrs. Facer is a big deal! She is an iconic teacher!

My daughter McCall has her this year. She says, “Mrs. Facer teaches us so we can understand. She talks in such a kind voice and treats us all with respect. She makes math fun and tells us funny stories about her cat.”
Mrs. Facer has made a difference beyond the classroom! She doesn’t just teach lessons, she teaches children!

–Lori Hogge

Mrs. Facer has blessed our community for 40 years. She is an outstanding teacher. I first became acquainted with her while being an aide in her classroom. She was absolutely amazing with the students. I had never seen a teacher so positive with her comments and able to manage a class so well. It was my experience with her class that year that convinced me to get my teaching certificate and become a teacher myself.

Mrs. Facer is pro-active in making education better. I served on the community council with her and was amazed at her desire to be involved and make good things happen for our school and especially for our students. She keeps well informed on political issues and is good to let teachers and parents know what the issues are and to contact our congressmen to let our desires be known.

Two of my own children have had Mrs. Facer as a 2nd grade teacher. Once again I have seen how amazing she is by the excitement she has brought to my children. They love her and want so much to please her. She somehow makes them want to come home and read what she assigns them or do what homework is assigned in the class, including classroom reports to be presented to the class. She is just so positive and never once have I had a complaint from one of my children regarding her.

One of the activities that she has been involved in for the past 40 years has been the 2nd Grade Puppet Plays. All five of my children and my husband, who attended Valley Elementary when Mrs. Facer was a new teacher, have been involved in the puppet plays. This makes a tremendous load of work for the 2nd grade teachers, but every year they put in the effort to make it happen. Each child makes their own puppet, practices and memorized parts and then performs little plays for the community. It is marvelous! This is just one example of how Mrs. Facer goes the second mile and makes a difference in the lives of others. She has certainly made a difference in my life and the lives of my children.

–Chelsea Argyle

Mrs. Facer is a fabulous 2nd grade teacher! Four out of my 6 children have been blessed to be in her class. My youngest child is currently in her class. Mrs. Facer has taught for 41 years, and will be retiring this year.

The first thing you think upon meeting Mrs. Facer is… What a delightful, happy teacher! She greets everyone with a smile and enthusiasm. Mrs. Facer makes you feel good! She gives genuine compliments to each child individually every day! I’ve seen this each week when I am volunteering in her classroom. It’s astounding! I believe it’s a gift, to praise and compliment and build each child in the way she does. She makes me, as a volunteer feel special as well, as she compliments and praises me in front of her class.

Along with her genuine praise, she has complete control over her classroom. I’m amazed as I watch her discipline firmly, but gently. I told her one day, “I could really learn from you how to discipline my children.” She really disciplines, without demeaning the child or making them feel bad. Mrs. Facer has been so wonderful for my child this year. She’s going through some medical issues, and frequently has anxiety and wants mom. Mrs. Facer quickly identified this and reassures her with a hug and helps my child get through the day. My child said to me,” when I’m missing you, Mrs. Facer gives me a hug… It’s like getting a hug from you mom.” then her nervous tummy ache goes away, and she can focus on school again. Mrs. Facer calms and reassures her and builds her confidence. As a mother, I’m so thankful for Mrs. Facer in reacting and loving my child in that way.

Along with the wonderful way she treats each child, Mrs. Facer is an excellent teacher in all subjects. She makes reading come alive with great expression. She’s excellent at math, art, science, etc. I would highly recommend Mrs. Facer for the Zion’s bank KSL teacher feature award. She is very deserving and qualified for this wonderful award. Sincerely, Laurie Albrechtsen.

–Laurie Albrechtsen