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Misty Robinette – Castle Valley Center School

Misty Robinette a highly dedicated special education teacher who is worthy of being considered for your award. She teaches the developmental kindergarten for Carbon School District. She works with students who have a variety of disabilities and developmental delays. She is excellent at building young children, helping them learn, and grow into competent, wonderful people.

This year Misty took on a special project. There is an eighth grade girl at the junior high school who has intellectual disabilities. She suffered some bullying in the past few years and her mother was fretful about this school year starting. She was considering just pulling her out and home schooling her. Misty had volunteered to tutor this 8th grader over the summer. Just this week the eighth grader started coming over to the Castle Valley Center to be a teacher helper in the afternoons in Misty’s class. This girl’s mother called the school with deep gratitude and nearly crying as she explained that her daughter had come home from her afternoon at Castle Valley Center kindergarten absolutely beaming. She brightly said to her mom all evening long “mom, I’m a teacher, I am helping kids”. Her grateful mother said this opportunity is just what Taylor needed to build her self-esteem. Misty’s desire to go above and beyond in helping kids is why I believe she is truly deserving of your award. This is just one instance in many over the years of have watched Misty work.

This year Misty has 14 5 year olds who have disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy to developmental delays. Each year I am amazed as these young children learn to read. Misty has a magical gift in instilling a love of learning in her students. Please consider her for your award.

–Beverly Martinez