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Debbie Carter – Morgan Elementary School

I am nominating Mrs. Carter because of what she has done for my daughter. My daughter had a very hard teacher last year, he was constantly taking away their recesses, art time, and yelling at them. She developed severe anxiety about going to school. Last school year I ended up having to homeschool her because of her depilitating anxiety. With some trepidation we put her back in school at the beginning of this school year. I wrote Mrs. Carter a note explaining to her about my daughter’s situation. She assured me that she would take good care of her. I could not be more happy at the transformation I have seen in my daughter. She is excited to go to school now! She tells me that Mrs. Carter is the nicest and most soft spoken teacher she has ever seen. Mrs. Carter gives her extra jobs that she loves and that make her feel special. She has renewed my daughter’s love of art, and got her being creative again! And best of all my daughter doesn’t have anxiety attacks before school anymore. No words can express my gratitude to Debbie Carter for what she has done for my daughter. I am grateful for her soft spoken and kind ways that she interacts with all of her students. Thank you so much Debbie Carter, you have made all the difference in my daughter’s life.