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Debbie Lee – Sunrise Elementary School

Mrs. Lee teaches 4th grade at Sunrise Elementary. My son had had a pretty tough 3rd grade year and I was concerned about how he would do in 4th grade. He is very bright, but has a lot of energy! I knew it was going to be a good year, when on the Saturday after the first day of school, I got a phone call from Mrs. Lee. She was so kind and expressed her desire to make sure my son had every opportunity to be successful. She never passed judgement on him and wanted my input on the situation. Together, we devised a plan to help my son. Mrs. Lee never gave up on him and she always told him how great he was.

It is very important to Mrs. Lee to prepare her students for Middle School. She teaches them responsibility for their actions. My son become very aware of his school work and what needed to be done. He went from have many missing assignments to being highly motivated to finish his work and to get high grades on all assignments and tests. She encouraged his leadership skills and continually praised him (and all of her students) for their efforts. She has high expectations for her students and she helps them achieve those expectations!
They have an optional award available to all 4th graders at Sunrise. It is called the Great Utah Award. There are many requirements to receive the award and it is not easy. The work is above & beyond the regular curriculum. With Mrs. Lee’s encouragement and help, my son achieved this award at the end of the school year. He went from being behind on his work and his reading to being focused and determined to excel. The skills he learned in Mrs. Lee’s class will stay with him for a lifetime! I see it in all of his activities. Mrs. Lee could have just written my son off as a behavioral problem but she didn’t! She got my husband and I involved in his success and together, we helped him to have a great year. He is in 5th grade now and is doing great. He sees Mrs. Lee every day and always enjoys telling her what he is doing.

Debbie Lee is a wonderful teacher! I know she has done for many many students over the years what she did for my son in 4th grade. I am so grateful that she was his teacher! She will always be his favorite teacher!

–Wendi Coombs