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Mary Hall – Wasatch Elementary School

My son has had a rough go for someone so young and was academically over a year behind the rest of his class. Medical issues and peer problems were a constant shadow over his young life. Previous teachers tried to help him catch up to no avail. We were at the point of desperation and were even considering spending obscene amounts of money for outside tutoring. My son had been so frustrated with school that he would literally cry while trying to do his home work. He eventually just started throwing his homework in the trash on his way out the school doors.

Over the summer our school boundaries changed and our children were moved over to Wasatch Elementary. 4th grade teacher Mary Hall met us during the back to school night. After her presentation my wife approached Mrs. Hall and explained our sons struggles. She informed us that she does initial testing on all of her students at the beginning of the year and she would find out his problem areas and make sure to get him back on track. Well, needless to say I was skeptical because I had heard that song and dance many times before. Imagine my surprise when we were called to the school for a meeting. Sitting at the table were Mrs. Hall and specialists brought in to help my son. She devised a plan of attack with each of the specialists and they immediately got to work.

All of a sudden my son was coming home with a smile on his face and there were no more tears during homework time. Since that time I have seen unbelievable improvement in my son’s attitude and his academic ability. I could not have asked for a more dedicated and caring teacher than Mary Hall. She has restored my faith in the public school system and has given me hope that my sons struggles will soon be over. Proof positive that one person/teacher can truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Had I the power I would write out a huge bonus check. There are not enough words to thank Mrs. Hall.


Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bryant