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Rachelle Haymore – West Point Junior High School

As soon as I heard about this opportunity to nominate an amazing teacher, I had to nominate her. I am now a current student of Mrs. Haymore’s Math class. She is the most caring teacher I’ve ever had. She makes me feel like I can do hard things and I feel that she truly cares when we succeed. I took two math classes, Secondary One (regular math) and Math Lab (where we go over the subject more). In math lab we do these multiplication charts. And yeah, I know we should know those by now cause we’re ninth graders. But she noticed that now we use calculators, we type in simple multiplication in the calculator. She makes us do 1-12 in order on the chart, then she made one mixed up. We had to finish the whole chart in under three minutes. I’m glad she took the time to make sure we got Rhodes because now I know them really well. I also noticed when I had only three left after the time ran out, she encouraged me the whole time making me go faster and answering the questions right. And I actually got it done. She looked really proud. Every time someone else finishes too, she encourages them more and more.

Mrs. Haymore makes me feel really safe when I’m in her class. And I know that if I or a friend needs help or someone to talk to, she’s there. She tells us every day that we can talk to her anytime. And when we had an announcement about the safety of our school on 12.12.12, she told us that we had nothing to worry about because we knew that she would tackle anyone that tried to hurt us! I think she really cares about us and how we shape our lives. She makes sure we get the concepts and she has no prep period that all the teachers have, just to have a mathlab class to help US. She does everything for us to help us succeed. She said that people who do know math like her can go up to better jobs. And I always thought, why doesn’t she go to a better job to get paid better? And she told us that she wants to help the people of tomorrow.

Whenever someone asks me what subject I like most, I ALWAYS say math now. And you know why? It’s the teacher and the way that I get the concept. Everyone says that’s good, and that no one usually says that they like that the best, and I think, well, they don’t have Mrs. Haymore as the teacher! I ABSOLUTLY think Mrs. Haymore is the BEST math teacher out there. I’m sooo so SO lucky to have her as my teacher. THANK YOU SO MUCH MRS HAYMORE!

–Zoe Miyawaki