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Lisa Tanner – American Fork High School

Mrs. Tanner is an amazing Special Ed teacher. This is her first year at the High School. Mrs Tanner had been working as an aid prior to this assignment. My son Jacob Sorensen is in her class. My son has Down syndrome and also has some autistic tendencies. Mrs. Tanner has given him the time, patience and love for him to not be so afraid to go to school. Jacob hates getting out of the house, he loves being at home so much he doesn’t go anywhere and of course going to school is not a thing or him. However, I only need to mention that Mrs. Tanner needs him at the school and he gets up and gets ready to go. It also helps that Mrs. Tanner calls him at 6:45 am to tell him how much fun he’s going to have at school and how much she needs him there! Mrs. Tanner has come to check on him at home when he has been sick, my husband is on dialysis and my mom has been also very ill (she lives with us) so it has been a blessing to have Jacob with an angel like Mrs. Tanner watching out for him. My husband and I are so grateful for all the extra hours she puts in her preparation to guide, teach, help and love our son. I know she does that for all the children in her class.

Her personal interest for Jacob is appreciated so much and it has made the “High School experience” not as scary as we felt before Finding out that Mrs. Tanner would be the teacher! We hope and pray Mrs Tanner will remain Jacob’s teacher for the remaining of his high school years. We know the children were blessed to have an amazing human being who loves and cares for them like Mrs. Tanner. Please consider her as one of your best recipients of this award.


Thelma Sorensen