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Ann Hartvigsen – Fremont High School

Mrs. Hartvigsen is a great teacher that believes in her students. When I was a sophomore I had English 10 with Mrs. Hartvigsen, I wasn’t what you call the most avid student when it came to English. I was always the kind of student that had tons of energy but never used it. Mrs. Hartvigsen always tries to bring out the best in everyone in her class and that is exactly what she did for me. My writing started to improve and I was then asked at the end of the year to be on the Paw Print Staff which was taught by Mrs.Hartvigsen. I was hesitant but knew that I could learn a lot from her in Journalism. I took a leap of faith and over the course of the next year I wrote many articles. Not only did my english skills improve but my love for writing did as well. I decided that I should try to write for the Standard Examiner TX section and I was accepted and over the course of this year I have been published four times. I can’t even imagine my life without writing now and that is all due and thanks to Mrs. Hartvigsen.

Now that I have shared my success through Mrs. Hartvigsen mentorship let me tell you about her. She is a marvelous lady who as I have already said cares about her students. She went out of her way to write all of her journalism staff over the summer to check up on them. She sent me an article about Jabari Parker who is one of my idols and a note attached that I still have to this day. It’s just hard to find someone who genuinely cares for their students and Mrs. Hartvigsen goes more than that extra mile for them. She not only cares about her students but her community as well. She is kind and loves to help the Veterans in our community at the Veterans Center located in Farr West, Utah. We wrote letters for them and were able to spend some time with them after school one day, due to Mrs. Hartvigsen coordinating the whole event. We had a great time there and so did our veterans.

In conclusion I nominate my teacher, mentor, and friend Mrs. Hartvigsen for the “Teacher Feature”. I am only one of her students that she has touch over the many eventful years of her teaching. I think that it is high time for her to be recognized for her work and willing service to her students and community. I meant every word that I said and I know that it still isn’t the tip of the iceberg of who she really is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am grateful for the opportunity to write about such amazing teacher as Mrs. Hartvigsen.

–Hunter DeVries