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Nichole Warren-Doman – Orion Junior High

I am writing this letter to nominate Mrs. Nichole Warren-Doman. Mrs. Warren-Doman is a gifted Special Education teacher. To the students in her classroom she is simply known as ‘Nichole.’ She surpasses what is expected from her as an educator, always going above and beyond what is asked and required.

Teaching and running a severe unit classroom is a challenging task on a daily basis. Nichole maintains a professional atmosphere and cares tremendously about her students.

She truly loves the students! It’s no surprise that she receives requests from parents to have their children be placed under her care each year. Nichole maintains a good, healthy relationship with all her students and their parents.

One of Nichole’s goals in her classroom is to help her students have great self-esteem and believe in themselves. It’s important to her to include in the curriculum not only short-term goals, but the skills they will need as they grow up in our society. Her students learn how to tell time, count money, budget, and how to get along with others in creative ways. Each year Nichole sets aside a class period to teach her students appropriate social skills that will be beneficial to them in their adult lives. Lessons include how to deal with anger, bullying, and labeling.

Nichole also loves to be silly with the kids. ‘Friday Dance’ is always a big hit with the kids. ‘Friday Dance’ means the students get to pick a song of their choice from Nichole’s laptop and dance to it. This song is played loudly at the end of each period. The kids love to dance with Nichole. Nichole is always looking for ways to implement ‘fun’ into the day.

Nichole is also a great administrator. She has recently received the extra job title of Department Head at Orion Jr. High. She also supervises and maintains a full staff of five paraprofessionals. Nichole is a great leader and role model to her staff. Taking the extra time to teach, guide and explain what is expected in the classroom. Nichole also cares about the personal lives of her staff. Currently she is mentoring two of her staff members in obtaining a degree in Special Education.

To top it all off, Nichole is seeking to further her own education at Utah State University with a Master’s Degree in Administration. Nichole deserves recognition for all of the hard work and care she puts into the education of her students. Nichole always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. There is no one more deserves than Mrs. Warren-Doman.

–Claudy Eckardt