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Elisa Posey – Corner Canyon High School

In September, 2010, my daughter, Tiffany, who was just starting her junior year at Alta High School, was diagnosed with cancer. Since she was not able to attend school regularly, she was assigned to a home-hospital teacher, Ms. Elisa Posey. Ms. Posey was her home-hospital teacher for the next two years until she graduated from Alta High School in 2012.

During these two years, Ms. Posey regularly visited Tiffany at home as well as at the hospital to help her keep up with her school work. Ms. Posey did not stop there. She became Tiffany’s mentor, a cheerleader, an adviser, a comforter, and a friend. She visited Tiffany at home when Tiffany was behind in her school work, when she was sick, and when she was discouraged.

Even though Tiffany’s prognosis was poor, Ms. Posey always encouraged her to look to the future and prepare to go to college. Because of Ms. Posey, Tiffany was able to graduate from high school on time, and she was accepted to the college of her choice, even though by the time the college started, her cancer progressed and was not able to attend.

Ms. Posey stayed close to Tiffany even after her graduation. She continued to visit Tiffany at home and at hospital until she passed away in December, 2012. She continues to be our family’s friend, and she continues to help and encourage our other children in any way she can.
Thank you so much, Ms. Posey, for all you have done for Tiffany and for our family!

–Hillary Howell