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Rebecca Ray – American Preparatory Academy

I don’t like not knowing when she will be home. I don’t like going to bed knowing that she will be up for hours still and only get a couple hours of sleep. I don’t like how she brings her work home with her and works all weekend. I don’t like how she answers her phone during dinner.

She when she will be home because she doesn’t know how long it will take to meet with parents and solve the problems of that day. She stays up till the wee hours of the morning grading and reviewing so that every child is scored correctly and getting the help and attention they need. She works all weekend emailing administration and grading making sure that everything is ready for the next week and all the information about her students is correct. She answers her phone during dinner because she gives her students her number and lets them know that they can call if they need help with their homework.

The school year is a rough time in our house but it is all worth it to see the light in her eyes when she tells her stories of her students learning and succeeding. I see that the extra effort she puts into each and every child makes a difference in their life and puts every child that she is able to help on a good direction. She loves to learn and teach and shares this love with her students. New students may dread starting school but once they experience how fun Ms. Ray’s classes are they are inspired.

–Stefanie Lauritzen