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Richard Gray – Legacy Elementary

Mr. Gray is the school bus driver for my grandson. Kole is 7 years old and has autism. I have never known anyone like this wonderful person. He has been trying to help Kole to like getting on the bus and like going to school. In that effort, he has given Kole a pillow pet to hold on the bus. He made a collage of my daughter and granddaughters to sit by him in the bus. He has spent hours of his own time in Kole’s classroom to try to get to know Kole better so he can help him. Mr. Gray spent over an hour on the bus with Kole being the only passenger in front of their house yesterday. He also goes to the door to get Kole every day. Who does these exceptional acts other than the person who wants to make a difference in this child’s life? Mr. Gray has earned this award and more. PLEASE select him for his never ending care and love for our children and grandchildren.

–Diane Shelley