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Hailey Haslam Bass – Woods Cross High School

Mrs. Bass has taught my son for the last two years at Woods Cross High School. My son is now a Junior. School is not where he wants to be. It is not easy to be somewhere every single day that you do not want to be and it is not easy to feel like a failure day in and day out. For years, my son has struggled with school and thus, I have struggled alongside him. Mrs. Bass has made a tremendous difference in my boy’s life. She has understood him from the beginning and has taken him under her wing. She sees his strength and allows him moments to shine. She has brought him on as her welding teaching assistant and this has given him confidence that he can be productive and successful. He has been able to fix machinery and teach other students how to do things in the welding shop! All of this is due, solely, to Mrs. Bass. I am certain that my boy considers her a true friend. When things get bad with other teachers and he falls behind with assignments and other things, he turns to her for reassurance and guidance. She has always been positive and kind. She demands from him what she knows he can give but she is willing to give extra time, extra help and always has a smile for my son. He sees her every day and when graduation day comes, my son will have no one to thank more than Mrs. Bass. If ever there was a teacher who goes beyond what her title may require, it is Mrs. Hailey Bass at Woods Cross High. I am indebted to her as a mother. There is only so much I can do for my son and she has stepped in and loved him right beside me. She deserves recognition for her efforts and care and concern for my son.

Thank you, Hailey.

–Tracey Butters