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Vickie Dean – Copper Hills Elementary

Vickie Dean is an amazing educator and instructional leader for our school, Copper Hills Elementary in Magna, and educators all over the state of Utah. She is a technology wizard who shares her work with anyone who will use it to help kids achieve. She took the idea of a student data book and developed it into a masterful way to motivate students, making them accountable for their own goals and achievement. She graciously shared with our school, the Cyprus Learning Network, and educators throughout the state. It is an amazing tool, tailored to each grade and level’s needs. Students track and graph their progress, set goals for learning, and reflect on their accomplishments.

Vickie has written grants and used her own resources to provide a personal computer for each student in her class. Lucky students soar under her tutelage. Her students’ scores increase at warp speed! She truly leaves “no child behind.” A child might go into Mrs. Dean’s class feeling a little less than accomplished, but they finish the year knowing that they are smart and capable. They know how to learn and how to demonstrate their learning. Vickie uses the District approved programs and assessments to create exercises and quizzes to measure student success. Teachers all over the State recognize and use the work that Vickie has done to guide instruction and assure student success. For example, Vickie’s class had a 41% class average increase from the pretest to the post on the first Acuity math benchmark this year! She knows how to use data to pinpoint each student’s needs and make sure that they learn the desired skills. This year Vickie Dean is teaching a 5th and 6th class and expertly differentiating for individual needs.

Vickie Dean knows how to teach to the top. She has inspired gifted learners with enriching and well-designed lessons and projects. Every part of the curriculum is explored and strengthened through Vickie’s expert teaching science, writing, civics, technology, mathematics, and language arts.

Students not only achieve with Mrs. Dean as their learning guide, but they also gain confidence as lifelong learners. Vickie rescues students who have never before realized their potential. Our special education teachers always want their students to have Mrs. Dean because they watch as students progress and blossom in her class. Somehow Vickie makes every child feel special and smart.

Vickie Dean may just be the most outstanding teacher I have ever worked with! Her life is devoted to giving children a learning experience that prepares them for a successful life in every way. She is amazing, and Copper Hills’ families benefit every day from her influence on students and the school community in general.

–Amy Bingham-Velarde