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Steven Dowdle – Karl G. Maesar Prep Academy

If you ask our daughter (a senior) who is her favorite teacher of all the time she has spent in school the past 12 years, she will without hesitation say MR. DOWDLE!!! I don’t know of a finer teacher out there. I have seen him teach with such animated passion, brilliance and excitement. He loves what he teaches and that is very apparent to each of his students. His passion is Shakespeare and classic literature which completely comes alive when he teaches. Our daughter struggles with ADHD and has a very difficult time concentrating and getting work done. This is certainly not the case in Mr. Dowdle’s class. He has given our kids so many incredible lessons he doesn’t even realize. He validates our daughter’s strengths and never even suggests any weaknesses. His brilliance and passion for teaching is incredible. I remember a few years ago while chaperoning a field trip in American Fork canyon with my son who was in 9th grade at the time. Mr. Dowdle and another teacher arranged to have the students share their poetry in the canyon beside a big bonfire. The students were so well behaved and never got out of control because of the profound effect Mr. Dowdle has in commanding respect without having to say a word. After the kids shared their poetry, they finished reading Beowulf. I was stunned at the insight and understanding he had of that book as well as conveying to the kids how it can be applied to them today. He had each of the student write down what holds them back from getting good grades, doing well in school and being the best person they possibly can be. Each student wrote down those “monsters that stood in their way” of achieving success in the best possible way. He then told them to hand in those papers. He talked to them about the things that hold them back and told them to conquer those monsters by setting clear goals to achieve their very best. He then threw the papers into the fire. Even I was inspired! He teaches like this in the classroom on a daily basis. My daughter Jessica is currently in his Language/Shakespeare class. She has grasped hold of things I had no idea she could because of him allowing her to soar and think outside the box. We are so grateful for Mr. Dowdle’s tenacity and absolutely fantastic teaching abilities! He absolutely deserves the very best life has to offer. We could never thank him enough for helping our kids believe in themselves!

–Sheron Drake