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Jackie Kegel – Monte Vista Elementary

Dear KSL,

During the last 7 years (including kindergarten) I have been going to Monte Vista Elementary School. I would like to nominate Jackie Kegel, for your Teacher Feature award. She teaches 3rd grade. While you read this you will read about why I like her, fun things she did with us, and she still remembers me.

Why I like Ms. Kegel is how she taught. She always would teach you the lesson and if you still never understood, she would work with you one on one. She was always patient if we never got it, and would always teach us other ways to do it.

Ms. Kegel would do a lot of fun things with us. She did this thing where everyone agreed on a party they wanted to do. Some were “Surprise Party” that’s when she chose the kind of party and it would be a surprise to us. How we earned it was if we were quiet or being good we would earn a letter and when we earned all the letters to the Surprise Party we would get to have the party.

Whenever I see Ms. Kegel she always says, “hi” to me and ask how I’m doing. She always brightens up my day! I hope I do that to her too! I gave her this clock and she still has it and she said, “It reminds her of me.” That is why I like Ms. Kegel, because she worked with you and gave you different ways for you to figure out the problems. She let us do fun parties if we earned them. I love how she brightens up my day when I see her, and she still remembers me.


Shelby Sorenson