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Brennen Fuller – Morgan High School

I would like to nominate Mr. Fuller for the KSL Teacher Feature Award. Mr. Fuller came to Morgan High School during the 2012-2013 school year. He jumped right in and quickly became the favorite teacher among all the students. He was hired as a CTE teacher which includes: desk top publishing, graphic design, web page design, computer technology classes and digital media classes. He teaches 6 full classes a day with no prep hour. In one class, he had 60 students (and only 30 desks!) But he won’t turn a student away. He loves to teach and goes the extra mile to make each student feel important. Not only does he teach these classes, but he also is the Yearbook Coordinator, the Sterling Scholar Portfolio Advisor, the Cross Country Coach, the Indoor Track Coach (voluntary), the Outdoor Boy’s Head Track Coach and the Future Business Leaders of America Advisor! (Never in the history of track at MHS have they had so many students participate!) His positive outlook and uplifting attitude is contagious. Us students love being around him. He shows his support by attending after school events that many of us students participate in. He always takes the time to help us with any problems or concerns, with any assignment, or lesson we may struggle with. Whenever he has a class that scores well on state tests, he rewards us with food of our choice! (What student doesn’t like food!) He connects with us and will do anything to insure that we succeed. I feel so lucky that I’ve had the privilege of being taught by such a selfless, caring, devoted teacher.

As a member of the FBLA, he took head of a service project for a disabled boy in our community (Mr. Fuller met the family only the night of the project and doesn’t even live in our town, he lives an hour away!) But he has put countless hours into this project (a benefit concert featuring prominent country artist Collin Raye along with a silent auction we held at our school!) For the concert he arranged to work with students in creating a website to get information on the event and purchase tickets at, he designed fliers, banners, tabloids, and even a billboard. In sponsors alone he helped us raise over $5,000. In a small town like Morgan, a large concert had never been done. We sold over six hundred and fifty tickets and in total raised well over $33,000. He spent endless hours meeting deadlines, designing special t-shirts for those helping with the concert, organizing ticket sales, answering unceasing calls for all of the extremely crazy Collin Raye fans! I am just in awe of all that Mr. Fuller does for the sake of students (and even our community) never missing an opportunity to teach us, train us, coach us and lead us to be better people. All while raising his family which consists of his wife and three kids and running his own website business! After working for four months straight making this concert so perfect, spending merely ten or so hours in a week of school with his kids between figuring things out with the concert, meeting FBLA deadlines, and running track, I really believe he deserves to be highly honored for all of his efforts!

Mr. Fuller has not only taught me scholastically, but also has taught me valuable life lessons that I know will benefit me as I move on from high school. I’ve learned that whatever path I follow in life, I will go the extra mile like he has and give of myself unselfishly for the benefit of others. I’ve learned that when things don’t go the way you had hoped (like with a track meet, or FBLA competition), there are things more important than winning, like doing your best, never giving up and helping others along the way. His unique style of teaching allows each and every student to completely express themselves in every assignment. He teaches each of us that it is okay to be yourself. His encouragement to express ourselves at such a crucial age in our personality development is such an extremely unique characteristic of a teacher especially at our school. He has forever changed my life and my outlook on life. He was the perfect teacher to have for my last year of high school as I embark into college. He taught me more about life in the real world in one semester than I have gotten in my entire twelve years of schooling. I feel Mr. Brennen Fuller deserves this award more than any other teacher out there. And I’m willing to bet that every student at Morgan High will agree. Thank you for your consideration. He has given us so much I would LOVE to see him get something in return.

–Shaylee Ewing