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Andru Jones – Syracuse High School

My name is Judy Hawkins. I am the parent of a disabled child, Peter Hawkins 20 yrs. old, that is currently in his 2nd year of the STEPS program at Vista Education Campus in Farmington, UT.

I am writing to you in hopes that you will help me show my appreciation for one of his teachers he had while he attended Syracuse High School in Syracuse, UT.

Although, most of his teachers in his education career stand out, I know of one that, to me, stands out and I was hoping you would share with me the gratitude I feel he is truly worthy of. I have thought for a long time of how I could accomplish this, to show this teacher, in particular, of how I feel as a parent and the caliper of people I thought should be involved in possibly helping me to show him how I feel.

Here’s the story-

This teacher, his name is Andru Jones. He has shown the utmost care to his kids in all the years I’ve known him. I will be eternally grateful for the loving, caring and in particular care he has shown my son. His love for the kids is definitely un-dying, with some of the disabilities being so severe, it’s incredible. He also coaches sophomore football with a current record of 51-11. In the summer, he also teaches and coaches football. There are 70 players on the team that he interacts with as well. When I asked him what he loved about being a teacher of special needs kids, the following is his quote back to me, “Most important thing as a teacher is making the students feel welcome and that I care and love them and that I will be there for them.”

He also feels that his greatest accomplishment is winning the Syracuse High School’s “Heart Of The Titan” award. This is the school’s award for employee of the year and for going above and beyond. His favorite college team is Notre Dame, although I think he is a Utes fan as well. I sure hope you will help me in showing my appreciation. I should tell you as well, that he does all this while being a pace maker patient.

Thank You.

–Judith Hawkins