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Christine Spencer – Heritage Elementary

Teacher Feature,

I would like to highly recommend Christine Spencer for the KSL Teacher Feature Award. She was my daughter’s 6th grade teacher at Heritage Elementary. My children have always had good teachers, but Christine is one of the most outstanding teachers I’ve ever met.

My daughter is extremely shy and has been in a grade level with very large classes since she was in 2nd grade. Because she is so quiet and shy, she usually gets lost in the shuffle. Mrs. Spencer has gone out of her way each day to make sure that Kathryn is involved and taken care of by her peers. She has given Kathryn opportunities that she has never had before that have helped build her confidence. The growth I have seen in my daughter this year has truly been remarkable.

I’ve driven passed the school late at night and have seen her light on in her classroom working way past the required time to go above and beyond the requirements of a teacher. Besides doing the regular report cards, she also provides additional information to the parents about their child’s progress, which takes her countless hours to put together.
She is a cancer survivor and has one of the most positive attitudes I know. She always has a smile for everyone and time to listen to any situation. The way she interacts with her students is amazing! Her many years as an educator has touched hundreds of children’s lives.

I would be thrilled if you select Christine Spencer as the recipient of the Teacher Feature award. She is an exceptional teacher and is truly deserving of this award.


Sam & Monica Cox