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Chad King – Millcreek Junior High

Chad King has been teaching at Millcreek for over 22 years. Each year he has a profound and positive effect on over 300 students. Over half of Millcreeks’ student body every year participates in the band. He takes kids who have never even read music and teaches them to not only play an instrument of their choice but play it well! It truly is an awe inspiring event attending one of his band concerts. I have had the privilege of getting to know Mr. King both through private lessons for my son Carter and as his band teacher for the past two years. Carter entered middle school not knowing exactly where he would fit in. He joined the band because it peaked his curiosity and because he had heard so many good things about Mr. King. We bought Carter a clarinet and the rest is history. From the first day of summer band (yes Mr. King teaches in the summer) Carter knew this was going to be his thing! What a joy it has been to watch Carter learn to play a foreign instrument and not only play it but play it well! He then moved on to play the saxophone and made the jazz band this year at Millcreek Junior High. There is so much to be said about Mr. King and the impact he has made on my son it is impossible to write it all down. Not only has Mr. King inspired Carter to love music, he has inspired thousands of other children in Davis County to do the same. Mr. King is one of the most inspirational and amazing teachers I have ever encountered. He loves his job but more importantly he loves the students and it shows. The kids can tell that he believes in them and in every one of his band concerts it is evident that Mr. Kings’ impact on the youth of Davis County is immense. Not only is Mr. King a band teacher full time but he also teaches private lessons before and after school and during the summer. He is a member of the Utah National Guard 23rd Army Band and does clinics, workshops and performances throughout the year with this group. Each year he takes the 9th grade jazz band to perform at Disneyland – a feat I would not dare to do!!! At a time when fitting in is so important to a child it has been so wonderful that my son has found his place in the band room! Saying thanks to Mr. King just does not seem like enough I really would appreciate him being chosen for Teacher Feature as way to say “thanks” for making a profound and lasting impact on my son and on my community!

— Amber and Carter McMillan