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Diane Godfrey – Lindon Elementary

Mrs. Godfrey teaches Kindergarten at Lindon Elementary. I met Mrs. Godfrey in 2010, when my oldest child started kindergarten. I was immensely impressed with her right away, when you meet her, you can tell that she is the best of the best. She is the most amazing teacher, and I am so thankful all three of my children have had the privilege of starting their school career with Mrs. Godfrey. She does such an amazing job of balancing and meeting each child’s needs. She is great at making sure each child feels cared about, comfortable, and safe, while maintaining control in the classroom. She works so hard with all the kids. Any time I have heard Mrs. Godfrey is mentioned in a group of parents, the response is always positive. In my opinion, that says a lot because it is hard to keep everyone happy, especially when working with children and parents! My hope is that I can properly convey how truly amazing Mrs. Godfrey is, and what an impact she makes on the lives of the children, and parents she works with! Mrs. Godfrey has truly impacted and improved EACH of my children’s lives for the better.

I would like to provide some examples to give you an idea of why we are so thankful for her! My oldest daughter is extremely shy and had very bad separation anxiety when she had to leave me. At her previous school, she would shut down, sit by herself at recess, and she was very stressed out because so was so shy and afraid. When she started in Mrs. Godfrey’s class at Lindon Elementary, a few weeks in to the school year, she was flourishing immediately! She loves school and has so many friends! I firmly believe that because of Mrs. Godfrey, my daughter was able to start her school career comfortable and confident, which has led to her loving school and being a straight A student! My youngest child, my son, just started kindergarten this year. He is also shy, and I was worried about starting him because his birthday is in July so he had only turned 5 the month before starting school. He is also a very busy boy. Since he has started kindergarten, he is so happy, loves school, and loves to learn! To see the amazing improvements he has made in just a few short months is huge! And most importantly, he is happy and proud of himself. As a mother, I want my kids to be happy and succeed. A teacher can make or break a school experience. I will never be able to repay Mrs. Godfrey for what she has done for my kids, and the other kids that have gotten to be her student, but I would like to show her my appreciation in some way, which is why I am submitting this nomination. I’m not sure of any other school that is as amazing as Lindon Elementary is so I am grateful that my kids get to go there! AND I can tell you, that it is teachers like Mrs. Godfrey that make Lindon Elementary an amazing school to be a part of! Thank you for the opportunity to submit this.

–Shelby Arroyo