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Mitch Arquette – Davis High School

I would like to nominate Mitch Arquette as the outstanding Financial Literacy teacher for Teacher Feature. In the past Mitch taught at Syracuse High School and we worked closely on our Financial Literacy coursework. We have continued to collaborate on our curriculum. Therefore, I know of his commitment to teaching Financial Literacy and engaging his students in relevant information. Mitch takes the time to research all aspects of what’s happening in the world of finances and incorporates updated information into his classroom. His students have the highest respect for Mitch Arquette as a teacher and coach. He recently sat on a committee to evaluate the companies that are bidding for the Financial Literacy end of level statewide test. His insight and research was very helpful to the committee. Mitch’s financial literacy classes have continued to score in the top 100 on the national “Wise” financial literacy test for the past several years. This is an accomplishment that shows that his students are learning sound and helpful financial information that will help them as they progress in life. I highly recommend Mitch Arquette as the top Financial Literacy teacher in “Teacher Feature.” He is deserving of this honor because of his hard work, dedication to the students and enthusiasm for teaching.

–Michele Casey