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Laurie Benson – Rosamond Elementary

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Ms. Benson is a teacher I have heard a lot of great things about but until we got to experience them first hand I had no idea how wonderful she was. My daughter is the youngest of my four children and so between all of those kids I have had a lot of teachers in my kids’ lives. I can honestly say Ms. Benson is the best one we have ever had. Ms. Benson treats all children with respect and I see that they really BELIEVE they can TRUST her and that she WANTS to be with them every day. She empowers children to be who they are and be OK with that. She makes kids feel valued, confident and smart. She really listens to what kids have to say and knows special things about every child. She encourages them to be creative and to say what they want to say. She gives them school assignments and time in class to share opinions and express themselves. She CARES! Many classroom experiences are about Math, English, Science and the core subjects. She has made this year of learning so fun and so exciting that I don’t know how we will move on. She has covered the basics but also taught many things that are of real life importance and that will impact the kids’ lives. I am amazed at the topics the kids have talked about and learned. She shares her own experiences in life so the kids can relate what they are learning to real things and then be able to relate those things to their own lives. This has made my daughter want to learn and she believes that history and science are awesome because Ms. Benson went the extra mile to make them awesome. I could go on and on and on. Ms. Benson is just absolutely amazing! We feel very lucky to have been touched by her teaching style. My daughter will no doubt be a better person because of Ms. Benson. She deserves this award. Thank you!!