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Teri Mattson – Ridgecrest Elementary

I have had the honor to associate with Teri Mattson as a parent, a teacher, and a student. My children attended an Accelerated Learning Program in Jordan District. At the time, Mrs. Mattson was a Gifted and Talented Specialist. She helped me make a difficult choice on the best classroom for my kids.

I had been a stay-at-home mom for many years, but returned to the classroom seven years ago. Teri was ALWAYS available for a listening ear or sound advice. Flash forward another couple of years: Teri changed my life! I decided to pursue an endorsement in Gifted Education. Mrs. Mattson was the main instructor. I was her student. Her passion and knowledge of Gifted and Talented Education were contagious.

Many times, I would hear her say, “Honor the child.” These three words now drive my approach to teaching. Because of her example and expertise, I am a much better teacher. She taught me to see the talents, needs, and learning styles of EACH and EVERY child. I am now focused more on the positive attributes and strengths of each INDIVIDUAL.

I’ve learned to make exceptions and accommodations both academically and behaviorally. I encourage students to take risks and that it’s OK to make mistakes. I can honestly say I LOVE my job. I see the good in each child and make it a point that each child sees it as well. My class starts and ends each day with smiles, laughter, and enthusiasm. Because of the simple 3 words, “Honor the child”, I know I am a much better teacher, parent, and person.

Thanks Teri Mattson. The world needs more people like you!