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Matt Goff – Fox Hollow Elementary

Mr. Goff is my son’s Sixth Grade Teacher at Fox Hollow Elementary and he has had a huge impact on him this year! In Fifth Grade, my son was being bullied by a former best friend, despite efforts on my part and the school’s to put a stop to it. I was afraid it would continue in Sixth Grade, so before the school year started, I contacted the front office and asked them if they could put my son with a teacher who would be able to help him. I had heard good things about Mr. Goff, so when I saw that my son would be in his class, I was thrilled! I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to see my son genuinely happy to go to school and excited to see his teacher each day! Mr. Goff is always expressing appreciation to my son and his classmates and recognizing their strengths and talents. My son is an avid gardener, which isn’t common for a twelve year-old boy. Over the Christmas break, Mr. Goff received a gardening calendar in the mail and immediately thought of my son and how much he would like it. The first day back to school after the break, he gave it to him. My son was ecstatic when he showed it to me later! Mr. Goff is always saying positive things to his students, like, “You Matter,” and “Attitude and Effort Are Everything.” He reinforces this in class each day by teaching habits and skills that will help my son and his peers become successful adults. He gives them opportunities to be leaders in the classroom. Right now, my son is a “CTL,” which stands for “Cool Table Leader.” He was nominated to be in charge of making sure students sitting at his table are getting their homework in on time, showing appropriate behavior during class, keeping their desks clean and organized and so on. He loves being a “CTL” and has really grown in maturity by being entrusted with this responsibility. I could really go on for pages and pages about why Mr. Goff deserves this nomination! This is his last year teaching at Fox Hollow. Before he leaves us, I want him to know how much we appreciate him and how much he matters to us! Besides knowing how wonderful we think he is, I think he’d appreciate being able to take his new fiancĂ©e to the Roof Restaurant! We love you, Mr. Goff!!!

–Marcie Alva