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Kelly Haramoto – Sunrise Elementary

I’m nominating Mr. Haramoto for all the good work he is doing and for the positive example he is for many. One reason I’m choosing Mr. Haramoto to be nominated as KSL teacher feature is because he is a positive role model for many youth out there, especially boys. We need more male role models for all students in our schools. Mr. Haramoto is fun and easy to work with. When students find out they are going to be in his class they are very excited. He is happy and friendly to everyone. He acknowledges all kids even if they aren’t in his class. He is always positive and never gets angry or loses his cool. What a great example for other adults as well as children! Another reason I have chosen to nominate Mr. Haramoto is because he makes himself available to all who need him. He is very good with technology and is willing to help others sometimes at very inconvenient times. I work with Kelly and have had immediate needs with technology issues. He comes right over and gets me squared away usually quite quickly. If there have been any issues that couldn’t be solved quickly he always comes after school to continue to work on the situation. I have greatly appreciated his kindness and help! Furthermore Mr. Haramoto is in charge of our after school program which benefits about 100-150 students each trimester. He manages about 20 volunteers and promotes many learning clubs including jump rope, homework, Lego mind storms, and science clubs, just to name a few! He does a fantastic job! He spends many extra hours managing that whole program. Thirdly, Mr. Haramoto is always there for his own students. This year there has been a reading craze of excitement in his class to read an entire series and it is taking off like wildfire! It’s great to see kids so motivated to read! He continually has high achievement scores on end of level tests and does his best to further all students in his progress towards success. For these reasons I have chosen to nominate Mr. Kelly Haramoto as KSL teacher feature. I hope you will see to acknowledge his contributions as well.


Mrs. Debbie Lee