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Amy Staley – Copper Hills Elementary

I have a son who has high functioning autism and struggles in school, academically, mentally, and soically. He is now in 6th and for the first time is enjoying school and learning. Amy has taken him under her wing and taught him that school is fun and given him the chance to learn that he has never been given. Most of his teachers just wrote him off as long as he wasn’t acting out in class he was fine. But Amy has turned that all around and has taught him more this year then he has learned in the past years. He is actually looking forward to getting up and going every day. He isn’t looking for a reason to stay home. This is the first year that he has actually participated in anything extra for school. He has learned to spell words that he struggled on in the past and has the confidence that every child should have. Amy has given him hope in being someone and going somewhere.

–Cricket Rains