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Daniel Francom – Fielding Elementary

I would like to nominate Daniel Francom for a Teacher Feature Award. I have been his colleague for several years, and I find him to be an amazing teacher and very thoughtful coworker.

Daniel inspires his students to love learning and celebrates their growth. He truly cares about his students and often does ‘little’ things quietly to show this. For example, he once had a former student that was very seriously injured in an automobile accident and unable to attend school or leave his home for 2 or 3 weeks. Daniel went to this student’s home nearly every day on his own lunch hour just to visit with him. Wow! What inspiration for that young man! He does quiet, little caring things for students all the time. Many students and former students love to spend time just visiting with him.

Daniel is also a caring coworker. He is the only male teacher on our teaching staff, and he goes out of his way to make life easier for the rest of us. He is ever patient and always available to help anyone and everyone with technology issues or anything we might need. He often leaves his own work in order to help others. Recess duty is definitely not the favorite activity for many teachers because we are often overloaded with other things to do at that time, yet Daniel readily volunteers to take our duty time in addition to his when the weather is bad or just to make life easier for others. Daniel also makes himself available to everyone who needs a Spanish interpreter. At parent conference time he freely volunteers to put in extra time to help with this. He is also more than willing to cheer everyone up with a joke, funny anecdote or playful prank.

In addition to being an example of a great teacher, Daniel goes out of his way to make our school atmosphere one that is warm and welcoming for everyone, especially students. He definitely deserves to be featured!