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Edel Lambson – American Leadership Academy

Mrs. Lambson started the dual immersion program for ALA four years ago. She first started at first grade where my daughter started and she has work very hard. She is very involved with the academic success of each one of her students. Mrs. Lambson believes that hard work can bring success to the children. She even gave math lessons to some students that were behind. She is always looking for ways to improve her teaching abilities. Since I have known Mrs. Lambson she is constantly taking classes at the University of Utah and UVU to improve her teaching techniques. She is involved in writing the Spanish curriculum in the state and goes the extra mile to help each child to succeed.

Last school year she accepted to teach 3th grade, a challenge itself for the sage test and Spanish test the children have to take at the end of the school year. Her class got a 95% becoming the best class in the whole state. She has put the name of the school in the map and teachers all over the state with Spanish dual immersion program look up to her accomplishments with these children. This is not a small thing to do. She spends long nights preparing her classes and tutors children that are behind.

On my personal experience she has helped my two children that she had taught (first in first grade and then third grade.). In December 2012 just four months of starting on the program, my husband passed away. She not only helped my child to overcome the challenges of their situation, she also organized a donation from the school community in those hard days. She has helped my children to overcome the challenges of losing their dad. I am most grateful for her love of the children and the ways she helps not only my children but each one of her students. Her motto is “we can do hard things”. I believe she has made a huge difference at American Leadership Academy.

–Erika Richan