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Nate Crandall – Blackridge Elementary

When I got out of fourth grade I began to think school was boring. When I got into fifth grade, I got Mr. Crandall. He changed everything about our day. Science used to be a subject often set aside. It was my favorite subject, though. He loved it, and he would help us with science. Science became regular. For the record, he changed my life. I finally had a person that I could lean on. At this time, he was teaching at Hidden Hollow. I had a rough time with math, and he helped me. I got to the science fair, and I give him some credit. Most of my class did not care to go to the next level, but I think Mr. Crandall did and that he loved all of his students.

One day, a rumor went around that he was leaving and going to St. George. All of his students, including me, were just hoping it was not true. We all were holding our breaths and he did say it was not official. We all had to wait until the last day of school to find out. All day we were begging him to tell us, but not yet would he tell. At that time, I think we all knew he was going. But we kept hope. We heard the music go on and he took us into the hall. He disappeared, and all of our fears became reality. I knew he was practically gone. The parade is for all 6th graders who graduate and teachers who will be leaving us. All the girls in our class were in tears, and the whole class gathered around him as he went by.

We had a very good teacher, and over the summer something went wrong and he didn’t go. I found out that he came back, and was too late. Mr. Tillman, our principal tried to get a 4th grade position. He was not able to get it, and he turned to Blackridge Elementary. I really am glad they saved his job. This year is the first without him. We tried to convince him to not go. It did not work. He was my best teacher so far. He taught me to just try, and I may succeed. He is now at Blackridge and is the 5th and 6th grade teacher. He is also one of the student council leaders. My best friend goes to Blackridge, and she is the president of the student council. Ask my classmates, they will say he is one of the best, at least. If I could do anything for him, it would be this. Thank you!

–Josh Stone