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Aubrey Page – Mount Ogden Junior High

Mrs. Page is an amazing teacher. This is only her second year teaching and I can’t believe how awesome she is. Mrs. Page is well liked and respected not only by her fellow teachers, but by her students, and administration as well.

Mrs. Page is never afraid to pitch in and help with anything at school. Our school needed a Student Government Adviser, and Mrs. Page volunteered. This does not make her any more money, it just takes a lot of her time and effort. She has done a great job so far as our Student Government Adviser. She has planned lunch time activities that our students can participate in. She planned a Rams Game day in which all the students got to play in a school wide tug of war competition. Mrs. Page has also done a great job of putting on some impressive assemblies for our school. She took time during her summer vacation to meet the student government students and plan out this year.

Mrs. Page is a very impressive teacher. Whenever I walk by her classroom her students are always engaged. Her lessons always sound exciting and I know she brings real world examples into the classroom. Mrs. Page works very well with her fellow teachers to collaborate and design lesson plans that will benefit her students. She is very supportive of all her students. Mrs. Page is often at the school until 5 p.m. or later working on things. She is a very dedicated teacher.

Mrs. Page is a good sport about supporting her students. She promotes going to college, I rarely see her on a Friday without her sporting some college gear. She also ate a cricket because her students raised enough money during a fundraiser. She likes to have fun with her students. She dressed up for Halloween and her students thought it was so cool that an adult would still dress up. She played softball in a teacher vs student softball game. She is always willing to do things that will get her students motivated and excited about learning.

Mrs. Page truly is a great teacher. I know that the students all really like and respect her. Her room is usually full of students before school. Students just naturally go to her for help and questions. I have never seen Mrs. Page lose her patience with a student. Mrs. Page deserves an award like this for everything that she does for our school.

–Jessica Baxter