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Cary Hylton – Springville High School

Cary Hylton is an amazing Science teacher who has taught for 28 years at Springville High School and one year while living in St. George and has educated, prepared, and nurtured thousands of students during his long and illustrious career. He has taught Biology and Chemistry in his career, but he is most known for the fantastic Physics program he has built over nearly 3 decades. Currently he teaches regular Physics and Advanced Placement Physics. He has so many students that he teaches an extra period on every other day of the AB block schedule, thus seven out of eight periods. Many of his class periods are completely full with every seat taken. It is not uncommon to see Cary helping students before and after school for long time periods. He is often at school until 5 pm on many days. I often drop by his class and see him helping students grasp difficult Physics concepts even during the beginning of his lunchtime. Cary gives his energy to help many young people learn very difficult science ideas. He engages his students in interesting and educational lab activities with cars, inclined planes, skateboards, mousetrap cars, eggs protected in student made containers to examine forces, and many more lab experiences that are educational and fun to deepen their understanding of the superb instruction he has given them earlier. He works tirelessly to help any student that he can. I have seen him patiently and kindly work with students who have become ill or fallen behind until they have once again caught up with their class. He works with students who have struggled in science before to learn to be better and more successful students. He works to teach students with many learning disabilities and educational accommodations with deep concern for the individual.

I teach in the room next to Cary’s. I am a Math teacher. Cary and I often discuss teaching and particularly have helped each other to better understand each other’s curriculum. We have many of the same students in AP Physics and AP Calculus and Cary has helped me improve my AP Calculus program by helping me better understand how to teach some of the Physics concepts that are part of the AP Calculus curriculum. Cary is very smart and willing to share his expertise with anyone. He has taught other district science teachers and has helped teach other Physics teachers in the State in summer workshops.

Cary loves teaching Physics, but more importantly, loves teaching high school students. He is patient and always very thorough, caring, and well-prepared each day. Students get great instruction every single day. He is a gifted and master teacher. He knows his subject and can explain it well. He also serves his school as the chair of the School Community Council that meets to improve the high school. Cary is well respected by his peers and thought of as a kind, caring, and wise educator. He has helped in his community in the past by serving with Boy Scouts and teaching science and astronomy concepts to cub scouts and young women. He also serves as one of the leaders of our school accreditation team this year.

His wife Paula just retired last year as an exceptional teacher as well. Cary and Paula have dedicated their lives to building and helping young people. Several of Cary’s own children have followed his example in becoming teachers. Cary initially worked in a hospital lab for about ten years after college, but he wanted to teach young people and make a difference in their lives. He got his teaching license and has taught ever since. He continues to teach daily at an exceptionally high level. He can teach the gifted student as well as the most challenged student with kindness, patience, and care. He has even taught some of my own children and been very supportive of them. I highly recognize and recommend Cary Hylton of Springville High School as an impressive and exceptional educator who is proud to be a teacher. I nominate him for this prestigious award on Teacher Feature and this high honor as a great teacher with superb character. He is a great person, friend, colleague, and most significantly, an excellent teacher.


Mr. Chris Frossard

Springville High School Math Dept. Chair