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Brent Richardson – Ogden High School

Mr. Brent Richardson always takes a personal interest in a student’s growth and education. His enthusiasm and passion for health sciences transpires to his students. He finds opportunities for them to participate in and is actively engaged with them in those activities. He has arranged for field trips to cadaver labs, rest homes, and other nursing facilities, allowing them to receive hands-on training. He acknowledges them for their successes and helps them to achieve that success when they need help. He demonstrates that he desires nothing but the best for his students. For the first time in years, my daughter finally has a favorite teacher and a favorite subject. She doesn’t just go to school because she has to and doesn’t get the grades because it is what is expected. She finally has a passion for something, is motivated to do the work on her own, and feels that she knows what the future can hold for her now. Mr. Richardson is to thank for that.

Recently, my daughter was hospitalized. Her stay resulted in her missing an end of unit test, CNA certification clinical, and a final test in her concurrent college course. On his own initiative, Mr. Richardson traveled a long distance to the hospital to administer the end of unit test personally to my daughter. He also re-arranged a time for her to complete her clinicals and worked with the local university to make other arrangements for her final exam. He made himself personally available to my family and my daughter during this trying time, offering help and advice. His efforts helped our family immensely. Without his assistance, my daughter would have suffered academically and would have felt a huge effect.

Mr. Richardson should stand as an example to other teachers. It is my perception that he doesn’t just teach because it is a job that pays the bills. His actions and attitude demonstrate that he does it because he loves it and wants to make a difference. He has been a positive influence in my child’s life and a great help and support to our family. He greatly deserves to be acknowledged for the outstanding work that he does and rewarded for his success.

–Shannon Treseder