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Kimberly Ball – Bountiful High School

Each week when I hear you announce another teacher one specific name comes to my mind. I would like to tell you about Mrs. Kim Ball at Bountiful High School. She teaches US Government and Citizenship. This is a required class for all senior to take and they now have to pass the US citizenship test to graduate from high school. She has taken a very hard and sometimes boring subject and has made it fun. She was making the children take and pass the citizenship test long before it was required.

I have had 5 boys take this class from her and they have ALL said that she is their favorite teacher. One of my boys is autistic and she was so patient with him. She took him under her wing and made such a difference in his life. He felt successful in her class. She would send me weekly updates on his progress and was always so positive and uplifting. She knows how to get and keep the attention of all her students and she makes learning fun. Another one of my boys was so excited when he learned the names of all the Supreme Court justices that he even named a teddy bear after Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I don’t have any more children that will be going through school but I strongly suggest to other parents that they try to get their children into her class. She is strong and supportive, she attend all the school activities so she can support her students and many outside the realm of school. My twins who just finished her class both said they are sad they are done with government only because they will miss her. I wish more teachers were like Mrs. Ball, they need to clone her. She makes the student feel smart, accomplished and important at a time in their lives where everything is very uncertain. She is a lifesaver!!!!

–Kim Lubbers