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Ann Moulton- Ben Lomond High School

Ann Moulton spent her entire teaching career at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden, Utah. For over 30 years she drew out the best in our voices and taught us about personal excellence. Our high school years were greatly impacted by her choir classes and the lessons learned about working together for something greater and bigger than we could experience individually. We worked hard and she paid us in praise and compliments that were given with just enough infrequency that they really meant something. The class period the day after concerts were a time when she gave her feedback, encouragement, and praise. There we learned that the best payoffs don’t come in the form of money.

Many great teachers are deserving of praise, so why is Ann Moulton an obvious choice for this award? The single best reason is a large portion of local Ben Lomond Choir alumni are finding time to rehearse weekly just to be under her command yet again. We are in our third year of preparing for the Ben Lomond Alumni Christmas Concert and we are here because we love Mrs. Moulton and want to experience the musical magic she weaves. The biggest testimony of her teacher greatness is this room full of busy adults carving out the time, and the fact that she is willing to do the same.

Mrs. Moulton has taught entire families from the eldest to the youngest sibling. She has even taught parents early in her career and then their children years later. The impact of her choir program at Ben Lomond High School cannot be overstated. It is multi-generational and extraordinary! This alumni choir not only gives the participants joy in singing together again, but the concert also elicits donations to help the current music program that have had budgets gutted the last several years.

As the BLHS alumni choir committee, we feel Ann Moulton is an extraordinary teacher and deserves this award. It would be such a thrill to have it presented at the end of our concert at Ben Lomond High School on the evening of December 16th as way to show her how much we love and esteem her personally and professionally. Plus, we know it will make her cry, and we love making her cry. 