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Jandy Stelter – Spectrum Academy

Ms. Jandy is a 4th grade teacher at Spectrum Academy, a charter school designed to help kids with Autism. Jandy has an infectious enthusiasm for making the world a better place, which carries over into her teaching. She has a “can do” attitude and helps her students find enjoyable ways to accomplish what they are asked to do.

There was a special need for an experienced teacher the year my son entered third grade and Jandy moved classrooms in order to fill the need. She made such a positive impact on the class that several parents asked her to move back to fourth grade and teach them again. She DID and we helped her move her classroom back to fourth grade.

I was able to see and hear about some of the activities in her classroom last year. Her behavior management techniques helped the children learn to be responsible and still feel good about themselves. Her gentle coaching through math helped build confidence, ensure rewards, AND avoid homework! Finally, her Speed Socializing helped these Autistic kids approach conversations without fear. She demonstrated success after success!
Jandy puts her whole heart into teaching. She has been to my home, my son has written her letters, and I’ve heard that she attends some of her students’ extra-curricular activities in her free time.

If there was ever a person who deserves acknowledgment for supreme service as a teacher, Jandy is it. I hope my explanation has provided enough information for you to see how worthy she is of our gratitude.
-Jill Hughes