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Kim Mclntire – Centennial Middle School

I would like to nominate Mr. Kim McIntire for the Zions Bank, KSL Teacher Feature Award. Kim runs a successful, award winning dance program at Centennial Middle School. This year he spends part of each school day at Timpview High School, rebuilding their dance program. He developed and instructs different classes for varying ability levels. His current classes at Centennial Middle School include Social Dance, Intermediate Ballroom, and Competition Ballroom. Dance Basics, Social Dance, and Each year his classes have many opportunities to compete and perform. For several years CMS has been named the Top Middle School Formation Dance Team in the BYU National Dance Sport Competition. His teams/classes have delighted our student body with dance assemblies, including dancing with the Student Counsel. With his full teaching load, he also provides students with the opportunity to attend after school make-ups, practices and even regular rehearsals on Saturday’s and offers free private lessons to CMS students who need extra help or want to excel. He frequently spends more than 50 hours a week outside of school hours working with students and spends countless hours collecting and creating costumes for dance performances with a tight budget. He is well liked by teachers, parents, and students. Kim came to CMS from Dixon Middle School where he taught Dance and Enriched and Honors English. His Dixon dance teams traveled extensively, dancing in New York and Canada. This past summer on his own initiative, he fundraised with his students and took Centennial dance teams on a dance tour of California. I know they had a huge Saturday garage sale as one of the fundraisers.

Mr. McIntire spent years working closely with administration and teachers to find out school needs. He was the Technology Specialist at Dixon for over 10 years. At CMS he was a Teacher Leader for 3 years and the Technology Specialist for 3 years. Kim notices what needs to be done and takes his own initiative to find out how to take care of the problem. He approached me, the sewing teacher, about the huge rips in the cafeteria curtains (that had been getting bigger for years). Kim stayed after school and took down the torn curtain and brought it to the sewing room and was willing to stay and hold it while I mended it, then he re-hung the curtain.
Kim was Centennial Middle School’s Teacher if the Year- an honor received by nomination and votes from fellow teachers. Kim has also received a national Dance Teachers award.
Kim also spent hours pulling cables though the ceiling of the entire building to connect the auditorium to the system that can broadcast from the stage live to every classroom. It is because of Kim we were able to watch the live video of the talent shows, the dance assemblies, and school musicals in our class rooms. He also was responsible for getting the stage lights for our auditorium and trains a group of students each year to be a tech crew to run the lights and sound and assist in assemblies, performances and all uses of the auditorium. For 25 years he has volunteered, without compensation, his time and expertise for evening and after school performances and rehearsals to help with the sound system and lights.

Kim is skilled with computers and shares that skill without hesitation. He has frequently been in charge of the Centennial School Website and in the past created web pages for every teacher who didn’t had the time or skill to create their own web page. In the past, Provo High replaced an old computer lab and the district CTE Director said that we could have some of the unwanted old computers. Kim took these and other unwanted desktop computers, and refurbished them to put in classrooms so students can check their grades and he set up 2 desktops in my room a couple years ago and one in the foods room and they were in constant use. He even had a small office in the back of our library where he constantly collected, refurbished and repaired computers for teachers and classrooms. Kim set up a TV monitor in the entryway of the school and kept it updated with current slide-shows of pictures of success experiences of CMS students. Students and parents love to watch school programs highlighted.

This is only the information I have about the wonderful Mr. Kim McInire. I’m sure he has done many things that I’ve not included in this write-up. He is cheerful, professional, talented, and always helping. It is teachers like Mr. McIntire truly changes the lives of students and makes a difference every day!

-Lora Thompson