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Tom Davidson – Box Elder High School

Tom Davidson is a Chemistry teacher and coach at Box Elder High. He is a teacher that cares about his students and is willing to do anything to help them succeed. He is a great example to other teachers and a great leader.

Tom is very dedicated to his students. He will do extra reviews to help them and is willing to keep helping students until they succeed. He records his lessons to share online with students allowing students the chance to learn even when they miss his class and for students that are involved in extracurricular activities. When students are struggling he refers them for intervention time and helps them. Ask any student at Box Elder High and they will say that Davison is their favorite Chemistry teacher. He has a great rapport with the students and faculty.

As a fellow teacher I look up to his example. He has been able to show me many different perspectives which in turn has made me a better teacher and team player. Tom is not afraid to speak the hard truths. If there are things that may offend others he takes that into consideration but will still be vocal. He is able to see different points of view by analyzing all parts. It is truly a gift the way he thinks and conveys his knowledge and concerns.

He is a great example in the community. He is one of the announcers for sporting events and know all students that are playing. He is very influential and a great example to the student athletes. He is able to help students achieve at the highest level and sets goals when he doesn’t feel like he has done enough as a teacher. Last year, his AP Chemistry pass rate was not where he wanted it. He took it personally and put up the number around his room to remind him that he needs to do better. He worked harder and the kids wanted to work harder. They could see his goal and wanted to rise to the challenge to go above and beyond that goal.

In a time when people think anyone can be a teacher, Tom is showing a great example of a teacher. I hope that in the future I can become a better teacher like Tom. He loves the kids and shows it by his hard work and dedication in his classroom. He also tries to help other teachers around him to raise up do better things.
-Gregg Cefalo