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Chandra Packham – Ivy Hall Academy

I am thrilled to nominate my daughter’s third grade teacher, Chandra Packham! My little Sandra was a timid, somewhat unconfident child before entering Ms. Packham’s third grade class. She seemed uninterested in school and often came home bored and cranky. But you should see her now! Not only has she become incredibly confident and strong, but she is like a sponge when it comes to learning–soaking everything up. What a tremendous transformation in just a few short months!

Ms. Packham gently taps into her natural love of learning and runs with it–especially science! Every day Sandra bursts through the door anxious to tell me about the craters on the moon, or the massive size of Jupiter, or wanting to share a creative writing story that she has just written. But even more than this, my Sandra feels loved by her teacher. She feels like Mrs. Packham truly listens to her and has time for her. These are qualities that you don’t find every day.

I am grateful for my daughter’s teacher more than I can express with my words–mainly because I feel like she’s helped my Sandra find her place in this world. It’s like she’s given me a gift and I don’t know how to repay her. That is why I want to nominate her for this award. Ms. Packham deserves it!
Thank you.

-Catherine Sagers