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Kathy Dale is amazing! She is the Librarian at Riverview Junior High. Not only does she do her job of keeping the library organized and running it but she goes above and beyond. She gets the kids excited about reading and does things to make that happen.

One of the things she instituted and keeps doing is running an early morning reading club. She includes book of all abilities and genres to give everyone an opportunity to participate. Kids also get breakfast and prizes when they attend. She has to put in a lot more time reading and then giving book talks on the books she includes. She also has the books ready for the kids to check out right then. I know this is a lot of extra work on her part but it has made a difference in my junior high student’s lives. They love reading and look forward to attending the book club. They in turn get their friends excited to come. Many times there are so many kids in attendance at 7 am that some have to stand.

I truly believe Mrs. Dale is an example to all of how to do your job, love it and go above and beyond what is asked. In turn, passing this on to the student’s she comes in contact with.
– Chela Gale