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Jacqueline Wedick – Wasatch Elementary

Miss Wedick has been my daughter’s teacher for two years now (my daughter Kenzie is convinced Mrs. Wedick loved her so much that she moved from 2nd grade to 3rd). How many parents can say that for two years straight their child has never come home to talk about bullying or teasing? When I have asked my daughter about teasing she always responds the same: “Miss Wedick’s class just isn’t like that, we are all friends.”

Miss Wedick embraces the weird and makes it cool. She embraces diversity and makes it acceptable. She will break into foreign accents halfway through class to liven it up, and is never afraid to make a fool of herself for the sake of education. I have never seen a more adored teacher. The kids joke that Miss Wedick is “Cool-Blooded.” A pun on cold-blooded, but Miss Wedick is “cool” as in awesome (3rd grade humor, what can I say).

I am immensely grateful for a teacher who has helped Kenzie be confident in herself and embrace diversity during such a crucial time of life. Kenzie chose to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a Wax Museum project, and proudly took selfies with Miss Wedick rocking her “Boss Lady” face. I would have been embarrassed to wear a Ruth Ginsburg costume in 3rd grade and make a silly face, but not Kenzie. Kenzie thought she was the coolest, and I have Miss Wedick to thank for that.

I am a full-time working mom of three, and Miss Wedick has always worked with me so that Kenzie doesn’t fall behind. She has made sure to give attention to the areas of Kenzie’s education where I have fallen short.

Miss Wedick has been pretty sick this year, but despite how sick she’s been, she has always shown up for the kids. Also, Miss Wedick recently got engaged (to Kenzie’s dismay, Kenzie was banking on her Uncle Kyle marrying Miss Wedick).

I owe a lot to Miss Weddick, and I don’t know what we will do without her next year!