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Julianna Wing – Herriman High School

When walking down the halls of Herriman High, one will only hear positive things about Mrs. Julianna Wing from coworkers and students. Loved by each student she teaches, Mrs. Wing leads her classes in a way unparalleled by any other instructor. By providing her own experiences to relate classroom topics to real life, she not only helps students achieve high grades in their classes, but prepares them for life. Mrs. Wing has a way of making everyone feel welcomed, important, and loved. Mrs. Wing is not only a teacher, but an advisor for Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA. She leads this club unlike any other advisor in the state or nation by putting in countless unpaid hours helping students prepare to win competitions and develop skills that will help them excel in life. Mrs. Wing believes in every student and boosts their self-esteem until they believe in themselves as well.

This ability has changed many students’ lives, including Marin Murdock, who was a dedicated soccer player until an injury left her unable to ever play again. Devastated, Murdock turned to FBLA. Mrs. Wing saw her potential and never stopped believing in her. Soon, Murdock believed that she could excel at something other than sports; she put in tremendous amounts of work that were matched by Mrs. Wing, who was also balancing two children with another on the way. That year, Murdock took first place at the National FBLA competition. Murdock said “Mrs. Wing believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Boosting my self-esteem, as well as pushing me out of my comfort zones, she helped me accomplish something I never thought I could”. Mrs. Wing also has a way of understanding students’ needs and offering support when needed. This has been a helpful quality as a teacher, and has helped many students get over hard times in their life.

Mrs. Wing has also had an enormous impact on another student named Rachel Lunt. Lunt had been a member of FBLA and worked with Mrs. Wing to be successful, even when she doubted her own potential. She helped push Lunt out of her comfort zone and introduced her to the world of marketing. Lunt was able to take second place at the national FBLA competition. The summer after the national FBLA competition and before Lunt’s senior year, Lunt experienced a traumatic event resulting in a mild case of PTSD. The PTSD mixed with the stress of the beginning of what seemed to be a lonely senior year was overwhelming to Lunt, who had more than one breakdown at school. Mrs. Wing showed compassion and understanding to her student and became an amazing mentor and counselor to the student. “Mrs. Wing always knew when I was upset and had a way of making me feel better. I am constantly amazed by her ability to understand my needs. She offered the best advice and made me realize my importance. She showed me friends when I thought I had none. I am a healthy and happy student that is moving onto great things, but without the influence of Mrs. Wing in my life, the thoughts of where I could be now are scary. I will never be able to thank her enough.” These are just two stories of the amazing impacts Mrs. Wing has on the students of Herriman High. If anyone deserves this award, it is Mrs. Wing.
-Randy Kammerman